Major Shade



     If you have sensitive eyes, sunglasses are so important to always have on hand. And keeping the sun away from them while you’re driving and doing other activities is always a must. Not only is it important that you find good quality sunnies that really do a good job of shielding the blinding sun, it’s important that you find the pair that fits your face right.


How to find the perfect pair


If you have more of a round face, which means your face has curves and hardly any angles, then you would want to go with square or rectangle frames or anywhere in the square/rectangle category. The frames should be dark, making your face more defined.


If you have more of a square shaped face, which is the same length all around your face, round or oval frames would shape your face just right. The key is to find frames that have wide tops and thick on the sides.


If you have an oval shaped face which is a bit on the longer side and hardly any defined angles then covering those eyes with a good amount of frame is a good thing. But make sure they’re very thin. Aviators would do just the trick. But for oval shaped faces you can pull off pretty much any shape or form of sunglasses that you want.


If you have a heart shaped face which looks like a wider forehead and a very defined chin, then you could pull off thick or thin frames. But oval shaped, or a roundish design would look best. The tops of the frames should be wide and on the longer side.


If you have an oblong face which is a long oval shape, the bigger the better. Thick frames, dark frames, and big lenses, (preferably square/oval) are the best shaped sunglasses for your face.


If you have a diamond shaped face, wide in the temple area and a defined chin, then long lenses, oval shaped and thick up top near the brow, is the right shape for you. Cat eye sunglasses are a great pick.


There are so many different types of sunglasses out there that it’s hard to choose from. Don’t go for the low quality glasses that don’t shield the sun or don’t fit your face. Go for the quality not quantity.

                                     How to get rid of those annoying little scratches

Many people struggle with scratching on their glasses. There are lots of ways to fix that.

  1. Brass or silver polish. Put a little bit on to a cotton ball a rub the polish around the lenses until the scratch is gone. If there is any excess polish, then remove it with a lint free cloth.
  2. Toothpaste. With a cotton ball, rub the paste into the scratch on a circular motion. Then rinse the paste off with cold water. Then clean the excess off with lint free cloth. Repeat as many times as you need.
  3. Vehicle wax. Apply the way you would your car, with soft circular motions. Wipe away excess with another cloth. Repeat if you need to.

                                                              Tips and facts

    When it comes to buying sunglasses, bigger is better. Do not choose sunglasses based on how dark the lenses are. A common question when you’re looking for sunglasses is should my eyebrows show? This topic has been a very heated debate for years. There is no right answer to this question. Many think all about the face shape which  is mostly true. Personally, I don’t think the eyebrows should show. Everyone’s face shape is different. But if you love a style but it doesn’t fit your face shape, wear it anyway.


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