Valentine’s Day Food, Decor, Cards, and Gifts.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you are planning on throwing a party, here are some yummy treats and some awesome decorations for your best valentine’s day party yet!


Valentine’s Day Ombre Heart Cake

You honestly can’t go wrong with cake. It’s fun, and tasty.


Valentine’s Macarons

Macarons are little bites of heaven. They’re a lot easier to make than people think, so give them a try!


Valentine’s Popcorn

Perfect to snack on!


Chocolate covered pretzels 

Chocolate covered pretzels are easy, and you can make them any way you like.


Oreo Cheesecake cookies

Sometimes me thinks “what is a friend?” and then me say, “friend is someone to share the last cookie with. – Cookie Monster


all recipes via Pinterest


For these crafts, you might need to take a trip to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. So in other words, it’s worth it.

Diy Valentine’s Day Arrow Art


Valentine’s Day Garland


Valentine’s Banner


Valentine’s Mason Jars

Mason Jars are a great Valentine’s decoration because you can reuse them every year without having to buy new stuff very year.


Heart Mason Jar


Paper Heart Chandelier


Valentine’s paper wreath

This will stand out on your door during Valentine’s season!


All decorations via Pinterest

If you’re struggling with gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! 


Personally, I love giving people funny cards. Whether it’s their birthday, a holiday, or if they’re feeling sad. Seeing a smile on their face makes the persons day even better and makes you feel good inside. Etsy has the cutest Valentine’s Cards ever! They’re like $4! Or If you have a talent for drawing, then save some money and draw these little guys! These are all very puny, unique, and original.



Lava You


Dino love


Whale Love


Lobster Love


You’re my Penguin


Moderately Sized Mountain


Life Alert


All cards Via Pinterest


These gifts aren’t your regualr chocolate, flowers, and teddy bear gifts. These are unqiue and original ideas to spice up your gift giving and do something different. These can be for both guys and girls.

  1. Succulent plants are a very unique and clever gift for Valentine’s. They’re easy to take care of and so beautiful and modern looking.


 2. Make an Imovie of all your favorite memories together. I have done this for a couple of friends and they really enjoyed it. Include pictures of fun times, adventures, good memories, formal events, or special memories you have made together. This can be for your gf,bf, best friends, family, or for anyone special. These pictures are perfect examples. 

img_0325 img_1700
img_2699 img_3353

3. Leave sticky notes all around your house or apartment for them to find.

4. A movie night box. Fill the box with popcorn, snacks that you both love, and a movie.


5. Matching Key chains. Remember those best friend necklaces? An awesome gift would be getting a matching keychain for the both of you.


6. A funny mug. Everyone loves a little humor on Valentine’s day. Get them a funny mug yo show them your love.


7. A nice watch, or a ring.  If this year is special year for the both of you, get them something nice to show your love. 

8. A letter. Tell them how much you love them in a letter. It may not be much, but a little goes a long way.


Valentine’s Fashion coming soon!

XO Adele

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