Spring Makeup 2017

Spring Makeup 2017

This years makeup trends are going to be very different from the ones in 2016. In 2016 we saw contour, matte, winged liner, and many others rise to the top of the market. But this year, is going to look a lot different. Trading matte lips to glossy lips, less contour more highlight. More blush than usual, really bringing out those cheeks. Lots of pinks. Hot pink, magenta, light pink, and barbie pink. If you haven’t already seen it, unique eyeshadow looks. Lots more color in the eye. Bold colors like green, purple, bright pink, blue, yellow, etc. Glitter will be making a comeback this year. Lots of sparkly lips, eyes, and cheeks. At the end of 2016 we saw white eyeliner come on the the field. White eyeliner helps you look more awake and makes your eyes look brighter and wider. Light brown will be a big trend in not just fashion but in makeup as well. Light brown eyeshadow, will be a big thing in early spring and may continue to be later on in the year. I talk more about this in Upcoming Makeup Trends of 2017. Be sure to check that out!


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