Spring Skincare 2017

Spring SkinCare 2017

After months of freezing temperatures, and dryness, I know my skin is ready for a change.

  • Swap your heavy moisturizer for a lighter creme.
  • Swap foundation for BB creme
  • Make sure the product has sunscreen (SPF 20)
  • When it starts to get warmer and more humid, start to wear more masks than you did in the winter time. Remember to wait at least a week between masks.
  • Surround yourself with essential oils. I love Doterra Essential Oils. They help you feel better when you’re sick, and they make your skin feel smooth, hydrated and refreshed.  
  • When taking off your makeup use oil free makeup wipes by Neutrogena.  They are dermatologist tested, allergy tested, and oil free.  
  • If winter really did a number on your skin, then don’t over scrubb, over treat, or over clean your skin.
  • Keep your skin hydrated!

For more information, check out this: Vouge: How to transform your skincare from winter to spring


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