Color Combos

597306E4-1098-4C35-A694-C5EED7BCD866.jpgF77AE175-099B-4493-8E99-1C63F76E17ED.jpg393C871E-27C3-40B3-88E6-1F41286C165C.jpg9D91FA00-7366-493C-86FC-61A213A5528E.jpg060A5F72-13E2-44C1-B0ED-21B9C8433546.jpg4E935A01-12C0-4688-BC1C-D4DBCA770A51.jpgIn 2017, color is going to be everywhere. Pops of color in makeup, especially in fashion. The New York Times announced that the color of the year would be a unique green called Greenery. Lots of pink and yellow will be all over too. It’s hard to find the right colors that go together when there are so many to choose from. Many people are unsure of how to pair different colors together. It can be a difficult thing if you have any different colors on your closet.

Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow should be paired together with darker or cooler colors such as black, navy blue or dark purple.

Cooler colors, such as blue, and purple should be paired with small, bold pops of color like bold shoes or a colorful statement necklace.

Pastel colors like blush, light blue, and light yellow go best with other lighter colors. White also is a very flattering color to match with any pastel color.

10  Perfect Color Combos

Baby Blue and Blush Pink 

Blue and Red

Cobalt blue and Turquoise

Light pink and light grey

Hot pink and Yellow

Red and Hot Pink

Off white and Cherry red

White and Light Pink

Black and White

Cobalt blue and Denim blue 

outfit details:

Rain jacket


XO, Adele




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